Expository CS seminar for undergrads

Department of Computer Science

Winter 2018

Ariel University

About the seminar

Students pick topics from a predetermined list of topics to present in class. The choice of whether to give a board talk or prepare slides is up to the students.

Course Lecturer: Elad Aigner-Horev

How to enlist for a talk:
Email the lecturer; FIFO policy

Mandatory Attendance:
A student must be preset in at least 11 out of 13 sessions

First lecture: Reserved for logistics and explanations about the seminar. No talks during the first lecture.

About the Grade:

  1. 100% presentation

  2. Grade starts at 80 always (for reasonable presentations)
    1. Reasonable := will be explained in the first lecture

  3. Bonus system:

    1. If a talk is assigned x pts as bonus this means that the minimal grade for this presentation is 80+x (again subject to the definition of reasonable)

The seminar mainly focuses on the following two books (there are exceptions though)

[1] The probabilistic method by Noga Alon and Joel Spencer.

[2] Extremal combinatorics with applications in computer science by Stasys Jukna.

List of talks

Talk 1

Topic: Cyber security
Presenters: Tomer Peled
Source: See here
Comment Grade given by Dr. Amit Dvir (who will be present at the talk)

Talk 2

Topic: Cyber security
Presenters: Dolev Shilo and Itai Sasson
Source: See here
Comment Grade given by Dr. Amit Dvir (who will be present at the talk)

Talk 3 - 6pts bonus

Topic: Fundamentals of the probabilistic method
Presenters: Samuel Schwarcz and Avera Mbratu
Source: Chapters 1 & 2 of [1] and Chapter 18 of [2]

Talk 4 - 6pts bonus

Topic: Alterations
Presenters: Orly Iscas and Shoham Saadia
Source: Chapter 3 of [1] and Chapter 20 of [2].

Talk 5 - 6pts bonus

Topic: The 2nd moment method
Presenters: Sapir Elmakayes and Liel Yehuda
Source: Chapter 4 of [1] and Chapter 21 of [2]

Talk 6 - 8pts bonus

Topic: The Lovász local lemma
Presenters: Noam Weingarten and Dani Gilboa
Source: Chapter 5 of [1] and Chapter 19 of [2].